Micro checkered tunic

Regular price ₹6,500.00 INR
-Hand spun Mul cotton
-Handwoven in West Bengal
-Oversize silhouette
-Anti fit | Relaxed cut | loose at waist
-Raglan cut full shirt sleeves
-Closed round neck
-Pockets on the side
-Slight gathers at the waist
-Front buttons for closer
- Soft hand wash (do not soak or rub)

-This garment is carefully crafted from fabric, hand dyed and woven on a hand-loom. The irregularity is its true nature, which defines the unattainable beauty that lies in its imperfections.

XS:C-34”(gathers closed), W-44”(gathers open), L- 43”, SLV L-27.5"
S:C-36"(gathers closed), W-46”(gathers open), L- 43", SLV L-27.5"
M:C-38”(gathers closed), W-48”(gathers open), L-43", SLV L-27.5"
L:C-40"(gathers closed), W-50”(gathers open), L- 43", SLV L-27.5"
XL:C-42"(gathers closed), W-52”(gathers open), L- 43”, SLV L-27.5"

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